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Recently Historian and avant garde film maker, Eugene Kikesky was interviewed by Avant garde Television personality Larry King. And with Kikesky”s recent bestseller “Alan and Me – the true story of Alan Greenspan “ as well as the 20 minute documentary "Stukas, turbos and in-line V12’s" for which Kikesky won the coveted Golden Lampshade award, it seems as though there’s just no stopping this turbo charged literary cattle truck speeding through the publishing world. “Stuka” alone has sold close to 2 million copies, (mostly at Tel Aviv airport) although insiders say that the real figure could be as high as 40 million. King asked the insightful questions and to an astonished American audience, Kikesky not only disclosed the correct number of Jews who died in the holocaust which now happens to be 8 times greater than the figure they couldn’t agree on last time, he also talked about yet another book in the pipeline, this time, the untold story of Paul Wolfowitz. Kikesky who knew Wolfowitz as a close friend between 1939 and 1945 and with whom he also shared bunks with at the Auschwitz Generalized Set Assessment Centre, gave us a sneak preview of Chapter 1, here published courtesy of CNN.

Paul Wolfowitz, was certainly one of the 20th century’s most eccentric, colorful and evasive characters, Simon Wiesenthal being only marginally more fantastic. Wolfowitz was born in the small Austrian town of Richthoffenberg known more famously for its World War 1 Air ace than anything else. Richthoffenberg was a dairy town and its antique narrow streets, sumptuous courtyards and Coffee houses were the envy of even, middle – class Bavaria. Amidst this postcard picturesque hamlet, the young lederhosen clad Wolfowitz learnt to spread his wings, wings which would eventually enable him to soar to public heights beyond even the imagination of his childhood neighbor Izak Shlong who was quoted later in the book as saying, “That boy sure went far!”
But there was turbulence in this extraordinary story. When Paul was only four years old, he stole a copy of Bertrand Russell’s "Principa Mathematica" and re -wrote it as crime novel set in 15th century Florence where the Medici were controversially portrayed as “the bad guys.” When the Nazi’s came to Richthoffenberg for a training exercise, they heard from a local rabbi that for the last 7 years their town had been graced by the elegiac presence of a 7 year old wunderkind. The Nazis immediately “set up a meet.” The representative Nazi Colonel discovered that Wolfowitz was in fact not only a child prodigy of epic proportions, he also had some fairly unwholesome proclivities such as peeling the wings off flies and attaching the flies to small leashes in order to parade them in front of his Father’s favorite coffee shop every Sunday afternoon. Paul also used to enjoy skinning fish alive and setting birds on fire. Wolfowitz was in fact, a renaissance man of his time and this “boy for all seasons” soon found himself deferring his studies (which at the time included translating the Talmud into Chinese) so as to be afforded gainful and respectable employment at The Auschwitz Institute of Advanced Generalized Set. Paul learned quickly that the Germans like all other Goyim were totally stupid and he soon set about devising a master plan…to make himself the Academy’s ruling Kommandant. Dr Joseph Mengele who was by then, Europe’s preeminent avant - garde Scientist and who had just accomplished another scientific first by grafting a Yid’s head onto a sheep, was becoming more and more suspicious of Wolfowitz’s activities. As Mengele’s ugly Alpha - sheep was herding all the other ovine from their alpine "Shangri-La" and into the abattoirs, Mengele himself was keeping tabs on Paul who had now organized his own office and leisure centre at Auschwitz in the form of a gigantic medi - evil tower. From this hideous structure, Paul would stand at the pulpit and issue instructions to the other undergraduates who were busily swatting below.
Paul was now deferring all transport away from the centre and supplies were flown in from the prototype helicopter, which Paul designed. During this period, Paul began to read George Orwell and it took him no less than a week to translate “Orwellian doublespeak” into “Orwellian Doublespeak.” A book was published and handed to Eugene Kikesy who edited the 9,000 pages of script and made it more accessible to Yids by writing all the words backwards. Paul then went a step further and asked “Kikes” if he thought it was a good idea to talk backwards as well. Kikesky vividly remembers his reply in one of the more poignant moments of the book: “Yes” and…. Then the Americans came.


We all know Simon Wiesenthal is an abomination and exemplifies the obsessive Yid Character at his worst. We also know that during WW11, Yids had a kinky penchant for visiting Generalized Set assessment Centers, which were in fact the forerunners of Scientology. In fact L.Ron Hubbard often said, that “if it wasn’t for that man in the white coat with his biro and clipboard, I probably would have ended up in a Fruit shop selling pumpkins”. Historian and film maker’ Eugene Kikesky is at again. Returning victoriously from Cannes this year with a short documentary entitled "Stukas , turbos and in line v12s"(The avionic engineer’s predicament),…Kikesky has embarked on yet another biography which is sure to hit the best seller list in no time at all. The Book is to be called “Simon and me,” an account of the life of famous Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal whom Kikesky cites as a close friend between 1939 and 1945 and with whom he also shared bunks with at the Auschwitz Generalized set Assessment Centre. According to Kikesky, these “assessment centers” which were primarily installed to gauge a person’s degree of “generalized Set,” were at first a dismal failure when Europeans from all points of the continent began making transient visits only to be given scores of Zero. It wasn’t until the curious Jews who believing that some kind of institutionalized exclusionism was “afoot,” began their now famous pilgrimages to these places, that they really “took off. Of course the rest is history.
We know that many Jews died along the way, so eager were they to get their scores, they left home without food or water and often left the kids behind or under floorboards for fear that the kids would follow them and start determining their own levels of “Set” before their true genealogical degree of “Set” had fully emerged. This was fortunate for the efficient Nazis who didn’t want juvenile Yids interfering with the scoring system which would have necessitated a massive re-calibration. ”Dr. Joseph Mengele by this time, was already becoming quite famous and was proclaiming a world first by injecting humans with dragonfly sperm with a view to creating offspring which when fully mature, would not only be able to ascend to flight level 40 unaided by extraneous technology, but would also be able to carry massive payloads to London and Coventry. It was amidst this exciting social milieu, that Simon perceived that his time had come and by exploiting a technical loophole in the formative “generalized set system,” realized that he, now, finally could really become “someone” and not just “anyone.” Simon’s biggest problem with the system was that Yids with 100% Generalized Set were able to enroll in part time courses and invariably do less work in order to receive their diplomas. Simon pointed out to the Administration this obvious disparity and after intense scrutiny by Staff members; a new clearer plan was drafted. The new system was devoid of any bias; in fact it was crystal clear, later referred to as Kristalnacht. This was a changing point. However, ironically, Simon had jumped the gun - much to his own detriment. For Simon actually had 100% “generalized set” but was too vain to recognize it for each and every morning when Simon awoke, he only saw unparalleled beauty in the mirror. The Nazis, thanks to Mengele, had conferred that all Yids formally enrolled in “Ugliness Assessment,” were required to finish their designated modules in 2 years preferably at one or even many of the burgeoning Centers. Likewise all fees were to be paid in advance, something Simon the recalcitrant was reluctant to do. Simon had been given a stipend by his Mother and Father who at the time, had volunteered to help save Lithuanian whites from the Jews. But Simon frittered away these funds on Booze, women and opiates. and never got his diploma. This made employment prospects tough and so Simon began operating as a Private Eye. At first he did minor insurance jobs, third party injury claims and burglary and theft. He devoured everything by Hammett and Chandler and metamorphosized miraculously into a wise –cracking. hard- boiled gumshoe. Between 1943 and 1945, Simon became Europe’s premier sleuth and lurked on every street corner where he was often seen lighting cigarettes and peering furtively from underneath his Stetson hat made of human skin. Simon also became quite a ladies man and seduced many of Heinrich Himmler’s mistresses. It was also rumored that he managed to bed none other than Eva Von Braun after she had asked Simon to install a Security system at her Bavarian Chalet. Clearly life was now good for Simon, and the size of his Swiss bank account was more than ample proof. But Simon never forgot about those formative years as a “Generalized” undergraduate who never graduated. The new Europe was beset by many highly qualified Yids who were now enjoying success in a multitude of businesses, and many were only 30 – 60 degree “Set.” Simon took to the bottle and in later accounts, described those years as; “a sad indictment of my once great former self.” But out of the mire, new shoots invariably appear, and Simon withdrew his funds from “Sudo Suisse” and headed for the States. The rest is history and Simon after building his first home, ( picture 1, ) retired peacefully and left everyone else alone.

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"GENERALIZED SET" The Truth About Jews

Generalized Set…The Fact about the Jews
It is extremely refreshing to hear folks actually acknowledging the FACT about the present day Jewish power brokers who control America's media, government, financial institutions and probably the water we drink. These Jews are in fact Ashkenazi Jews and have no tangible relationship to those acreages called Palestine and Israel. History has shown us time and time again the Jewish agenda and the masterful conjuring tricks of the Zionists who have used lies, deceit and obfuscation to feed their greedy little palettes. –
No surprises there. I also want to take this opportunity for the first time to disclose something to you all. This is something that results from years of study and although it has some fairly subjective leanings, it is essentially rooted in anthropological objectivity.

The phenomenon I want to discuss is called "GENERALIZED SET" It is a term which my partners and colleagues alike have been using for almost 25 years but due to the censorship of mainstream media, it has been difficult to disseminate this terminology to a wider populace. I implore you all to begin using this expression when referring to Jews.....So, WHAT is "GENERALIZED SET"? Well, we all know that all races have certain physical characteristics. And in all races and cultures ( except one) we find beauty in the features whether that person is a Negro, an Indian, Celt, white Russian, Anglo Saxon, Asian, in fact anywhere on the planet you will find physical differences earmarked only by their own personal and dignified beauty.
The exception of course, is the Jew. Have you ever really looked closely at Jews? Do you notice that there is an extreme ugliness in all of them? However this isn't the kind of ugliness which the mainstream media has always sectionalized and marginalized through Hollywood, such as the guy with the big nose or the fat lady who brings the house down with every utterance.
No, not at all. The Jewish ugliness stems firstly from the eyes, or more precisely the "SET" of the eyes which can often be so close together that you couldn't fit a blade of grass between them, or eyes distanced widely apart to give a slightly deformed mongoloid look. It is this positioning of the eye more often than not coupled with the shifty disposition of the eye itself, which accounts for approximately 60% of "GENERALISED SET."
The eyes of the Tyke also contain an intensely festering, calculating gaze, which betrays even the most mixed Jew to his "Goyim" audience. Secondly, we turn to the nose. It has always been a byline that the Jews have big noses even though some Celts and those from other white races also have large high bridged noses. There is a typical Ashkenazi nose which is larger than average, often hooked or having a hooked appearance around the nostrils and can be seen in notable Yids like Larry King and Alan Greenspan ( two Tykes whom I might add), contain almost 100% "GENERALISED SET"!! However, once again it is not the shape of the nose that gives the game away, rather it is the placement of the proboscis on the face in relation to the other facial features, a placement which always looks makeshift- not correct, as though made not by the hands of GOD but by one of Santa's little helpers the morning after a "bender."
Coupled with the patchwork eyes, the nose on the Yid form a formidable part of the phenomenon known to the Initiates, as "GENERALISED SET", - a proportion intrinsic to the filthy Yid alone!! NEXT TIME YOU WATCH --news from the war torn Middle East, compare the heads of say a Palestinian, or Arab with that of a Jew. Arabs can have hooked noses, Arabs can have intense dark eyes, but they have no "GENERALISED SET". Their features are grounded with some sense of natural proportion. Yes, there are I suppose, good looking and not so good looking Arabs, as in every race, if we loosely defer to Hollywood stereotypes but again, I emphasize to you all, no set of physical features common to every race of peoples on this planet, can come within a thousand miles of that root of all true ugliness -- the generalized set on every stinking, conniving Yid. Let's continue on our Tyke facial tour. THE MOUTH!! This is a highly potent tool of the Yid. From this hideous facial chasm coupled with his penchant for writing "gobble de gook," the Yid has been able to dupe and beguile all other races throughout history. The Yid has actually been "Talking in Tongues" since the day of his hideous inception. So is there little wonder, that the mouth of the Yid also has a disproportionate element and one that it also integral to the makings of "GENERLALISED SET." The mouth of the Yid is often so disproportionately wide and crooked, that the Yid seems to grapple deeply with the simple act of smiling. Notice that when any Yid tries to smile, it is only the mouth that changes shape. In other words, there is little reinforcement of the intention from the other facial characteristics. The eyes always remain inert. It is a reptilian smile- most probably representing reptilian intentions!! The Yid mouth is also given, more often than not, to slobbering. This could be due partly to physiognomic deformity, or perhaps by the arrogant, dismissive demeanor of the perpetrator. Either way, the Yid mouth is an embodiment of universal ugliness surpassed only by the filth which is jettisoned from it.
We now arrive at the ears. Take a good look at Ex New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. Notice the outwardly protruding pointy ears. The ears of the Yid are often unusually large…a daunting observation and one that continually eludes Anthropologists, mainly because Yids are so set in their ways, that they have little time or motivation to listen to others and therefore have little to no use for hearing accessories. The pointy, elf like characteristic is almost ubiquitous on the ears of Yids. Again, Greenspan, King, and Spitzer…100% Ashkenazi Yid…100% “GENERALIZED SET” !!!!

THE SKULL. The generalized skull shape of the average Yid is also an abomination. The skull shape more often than not exacerbates the sense of “GENERALISED SET”. Particularly around the eye and upper cheek cavities. In fact, some scholars have even surmised that the Yid skull may have extra terrestrial origins. This is an area that may be worthy of further erudition although due to the hazy nature of so much antique history, it is perhaps only through the most notable archaeological endeavours that we might be able to learn more about the exact origins of “GENERALIZED SET”
I must concede that it is inevitable that I will receive intense criticism for comments during this essay. Criticism is always welcome however, your denial of my right to have an opinion, is not!! For skeptics, simply consider this. For two thousand years, the Yid has been indoctrinated to “go fourth and multiply,” to mix with other races and acclimatize to other cultures whilst always preserving that part of him which is essentially Tyke. “GENERALISED SET” shows in no uncertain terms, the potency of the Yid gene. It matters not whether a Yid is a German Yid, A British Yid, and American Yid or a Negro Yid. Because behind the fronted race, there is always some generalized set. Even a white man, who is one eighth Yid, will bear some of the trappings of generalized set no matter how slight or ostensibly subtle.
Finally, hope you all found my essay on “GENERALISED SET” interesting. I will be posting some more essays soon, most notably on our Grass roots foundation “Yid Watch” an organization dedicated to the destruction of the “Tyke Empire” for the benefit of all peoples of the world!!

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Very little is known about the early life of Alan Greenspan and there has been a great deal of speculation recently as Corporate America organizes it’s much anticipated Alan Greenspan memorial barbecue …a roast indeed. The guest list includes Don Rickles, John Landis and Ashton Kutcher. Recently, Historian and film maker Eugene Kikeski, who did not survive WW11 but miraculously is a holocaust survivor, spilled the beans on Alan whom Kikeski maintains was not only a close friend from 1939 – 1945, both also shared bunks at the Auschwitz Generalized Set Assessment Centre. The following excerpt is from Kikeski’s new book entitled “Alan and Me” which both CNN and Time Warner have praised as being one of the most authentic accounts of European life during the holocaust. The following excerpt is from Chapter 3 titled “Humble Beginnings”.

Alan Greenspan grew up in the small Dutch provincial town of Hertendenbosch more famously known as the birth place of Hieronymus Bosch the progenitor of surrealism and the doyen of apocalyptic images. However Alan had scant regard for the fine arts and spent most of his time spying on his neighbors whom Alan from a very early age, deduced were markedly different to him. For starters, they all had blonde hair blue eyes and wore clogs. Alan’s real name was Paddy O’Donnell but he later changed it to Alan Greenspan because he abhorred his neighbor’s incessant barrage of Irish jokes. Alan’s father worked as a magician doubling some nights doing loose cabaret acts with another Irish inhabitant from the neighborhood....a certain Marion Prior who was also the butt of Irish jokes and later changed her name to Joan Rivers. Alan’s father’s piece de resistance was a minor essay in the craft, whereby he would solicit the audiences’ watches and make them disappear. Alan’s father had a phenomenal collection of Rolex’s many of which are now on display at the Holocaust museum. However, the cabaret scene in 1930’s Holland afforded few returns in the terms of a secure salary and Alan’s father began working nights sometimes into the wee, wee hours defacing gold currency by rubbing coins down on a large square metal file which was bolted to the kitchen table. The teenage Alan would sometimes sneak into the hallway and watch his father cursing the white race, gesticulating and slobbering whilst collecting the gold filings which were put in a small, brown, cloth bag and hidden behind the oven. Alan knew that his true calling in life had finally arrived. He left school, sold his grandmother’s Stradivarius violin and took himself off to the Dachau Generalized Set Assessment centre where upon arrival, a man in a white coat immediately pronounced Alan to have 100% “Generalized Set.” The Nazi’s so impressed by Alan’s degree of ugliness, decided to pay for an all expenses paid holiday for Alan to visit New York as a Sales - Rep for the burgeoning ‘Zyclon B Corporation". Alan took the plane fair and later absconded which meant the Nazi’s who were now short on funds, had to resort to the inefficient method of shooting Jews with real bullets, a process which effectively became the Waffen SS’s Achilles heel and ultimately cost them the war. Alan shacked up with a young English girl called Linda Evans who became so vehemently angered by the local Italians calling her “Limey,” she changed her name to Tamar Jacoby. Alan , whilst working his way up to the “Fed,” did odd jobs and enrolled in the Brooklyn School of Economics where he majored in “Babylonian Usury methods and financial models.” Later Alan would use this knowledge to great effect and coupled with those seminal images of his father at the kitchen table, would learn how to make American’s hard earned money, disappear, eventually culminating in Alan’s own “piece de resistance” where he made a sum of money equal to 6 -23rd power vanish on Sunday and reappear the following Tuesday as U.S.$45 with one thousand zeros. --Hail to the Oracle!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


What did Bruce Willis and Humphrey Bogart have in common? They had style, both have starred in some epic slices of pure entertainment, both were ruggedly handsome white boys and both married into “Generalized Set” or more accurately, generalized set got into them…and who could blame “em? Not me for starters…I mean when I was a kid, I was in love with Lauren Bacall, and she epitomized everything that I thought was heavenly about women. She was stylish, had that seductive, coy, sleazy demeanor and a voice that “schmoozed” like a honey pot. As for Demi Moore, not really in the same league, just another fine piece of Hollywood tush.

So there I was watching “Key Largo” thinking that I too would endure hurricanes and gangsters just to get Lauren into a dinghy and sail off into the sunset, if only I could be cool….way cool like Bogey and just sit it out! Many years later, I am looking at a picture of Lauren in her halcyon days and I’m still finding my self “going to pieces.” But something has changed. Now I’m looking at Lauren and she is not only old and albeit graciously old, but behind the sweet, innocent Jewish girl, there is an unmistakable degree of “generalized set.” Poor Lauren or poor me? Lauren’s had a good run and she’s pulled off the greatest Tyke conjuring trick of all, the one that makes every Tyke emphatically believe in his own superiority over the other races, reinforces his belligerence and his unquestioning resignation to his perpetual endurance within and without the white race. The trick of course is the “snaring of the righteous white boy” using the “schmoozy”, seductive guile of the female Tyke.
If we have a quick glance at the Picture “Generalized Set (a)” your first reaction would be “I’d rather romance a sewer rat than even spend a second looking at that abomination. O.K….No surprises there!! That’s 110% “Generalized Set.” But as I have already discussed, Generalized Set or (GS) comes in various degrees. Consider the picture “Generalized Set (f) (left). Hollywood sure does a fine job disguising (GS). From this angle, the eyes appear to have no (GS); in fact the eyes are from the European side of the bloodline. The nose has an ambiguous disposition and shows only faint traces. The ears are the give away in this case, although not hideously positioned as in the case of a Greenspan or a Spitzer…but it’s there never the less. Either way, even the most accomplished Royal Arch Yidhunter would not pick Demi for a Tyke at first glance. But now have a look at the picture of Demi with Ashton Kutcher (a sycophantic white boy shmuck and a disgrace to his community) with Demi and Bruce’s Kids. Can you see not only a greater degree of “Generalized Set” in Demi but also notice that each of the Kids has some degree of (GS).

Now I happen to think that Bruce is a pretty cool looking dude. He’s also cashed up and has good secure employment. So how the fuck does a guy like that fall into the Yid’s play pit? Well, let’s be fair and say that “Love is color blind.” Love transcends all—even “Generalized Set.” But Demi has pulled off the greatest coup of all. She has ensnared the rich White boy, got his chromosomes well planted in her and has the offspring to show to the world.
Now, the kids will benefit from Bruce’s genes because he is tall, athletic and has a good head. But they will suffer at the hands of Demi’s veiled "Generalized Set" because it is not only her latent ugliness implanted in her children which will become more pronounced as the years roll by, but the strong possibility that the “throwback” genes of Demi’s Tyke ancestors will also make an appearance.
Remember, Jewish-ness is measured by the “FEMALE LINE.” Effectively from the genetic point of view, the Tyke men are expendable…. So there you have it!! Tyke women can sure as hell be alluring but they are always looking for the “handsome, tough, athletic, creative Anglo Saxon whose genes can only serve to reinforce the defective Yid genes but will invariably not corrupt the “essential Tyke within.” Finally, I don’t profess to be a relationship counselor, a Shrink or any other type of professional sociopath, but I implore all of you guys to read about “Generalized Set,” and how to detect it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Craft of Detection

The Craft of Detection:
The professional or amateur Yid Hunter must always be aware of the fundamental precepts contained within the laws of "Generalized Set." The pictures on this site show various degrees of generalized set going from 60% right up to the epitome of all ugliness - 100% generalized set. Clearly, 3 of the pictures explicitly depict 100% "set." Can you guess which ones? Not difficult, right? But be careful!! Sometimes Generalized Set is difficult to detect particularly where there has been a mass infusion of other "non - generalized" bloodlines which conceivably can mean - from any race on the planet. Always starting with the eyes, and working your way around the skull without neglecting the generalized state of the skull itself, size up your target and if possible, quietly assign a percentage score to the degree of “Generalized Set.” Where there appears to be a lesser degree of generalized set, the undergraduate may choose to look for other signs such as; slobbering around the mouth resulting from a slack bottom lip often with the tongue just hanging loosely and in an undisciplined fashion around the bottom dentures, garbled, evasive speech, nervous clasping of the hands, dismissive, smarmy glances used to assert the Yid's authority but which invariably and candidly betray his inferiority complex, just to name a few!!! Also look for stooping from the neck. Very few Yids ever walk upright and in a dignified and noble manner. This is because every morning, they must look at themselves in the mirror and curse their creator for bestowing such ugliness upon them. So Kids, now you have been equipped with some of the essential ingredients the “Yid Watcher” never leaves home without. It is in fact the Tyke Hunter’s most elemental yet essential tool kit. Once you have become adept at using it, we can begin to discuss the elaborate techniques the Jew hunter can utilize in order to instill fear in every stinking Tyke.
Stay tuned.......