Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We all know Simon Wiesenthal is an abomination and exemplifies the obsessive Yid Character at his worst. We also know that during WW11, Yids had a kinky penchant for visiting Generalized Set assessment Centers, which were in fact the forerunners of Scientology. In fact L.Ron Hubbard often said, that “if it wasn’t for that man in the white coat with his biro and clipboard, I probably would have ended up in a Fruit shop selling pumpkins”. Historian and film maker’ Eugene Kikesky is at again. Returning victoriously from Cannes this year with a short documentary entitled "Stukas , turbos and in line v12s"(The avionic engineer’s predicament),…Kikesky has embarked on yet another biography which is sure to hit the best seller list in no time at all. The Book is to be called “Simon and me,” an account of the life of famous Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal whom Kikesky cites as a close friend between 1939 and 1945 and with whom he also shared bunks with at the Auschwitz Generalized set Assessment Centre. According to Kikesky, these “assessment centers” which were primarily installed to gauge a person’s degree of “generalized Set,” were at first a dismal failure when Europeans from all points of the continent began making transient visits only to be given scores of Zero. It wasn’t until the curious Jews who believing that some kind of institutionalized exclusionism was “afoot,” began their now famous pilgrimages to these places, that they really “took off. Of course the rest is history.
We know that many Jews died along the way, so eager were they to get their scores, they left home without food or water and often left the kids behind or under floorboards for fear that the kids would follow them and start determining their own levels of “Set” before their true genealogical degree of “Set” had fully emerged. This was fortunate for the efficient Nazis who didn’t want juvenile Yids interfering with the scoring system which would have necessitated a massive re-calibration. ”Dr. Joseph Mengele by this time, was already becoming quite famous and was proclaiming a world first by injecting humans with dragonfly sperm with a view to creating offspring which when fully mature, would not only be able to ascend to flight level 40 unaided by extraneous technology, but would also be able to carry massive payloads to London and Coventry. It was amidst this exciting social milieu, that Simon perceived that his time had come and by exploiting a technical loophole in the formative “generalized set system,” realized that he, now, finally could really become “someone” and not just “anyone.” Simon’s biggest problem with the system was that Yids with 100% Generalized Set were able to enroll in part time courses and invariably do less work in order to receive their diplomas. Simon pointed out to the Administration this obvious disparity and after intense scrutiny by Staff members; a new clearer plan was drafted. The new system was devoid of any bias; in fact it was crystal clear, later referred to as Kristalnacht. This was a changing point. However, ironically, Simon had jumped the gun - much to his own detriment. For Simon actually had 100% “generalized set” but was too vain to recognize it for each and every morning when Simon awoke, he only saw unparalleled beauty in the mirror. The Nazis, thanks to Mengele, had conferred that all Yids formally enrolled in “Ugliness Assessment,” were required to finish their designated modules in 2 years preferably at one or even many of the burgeoning Centers. Likewise all fees were to be paid in advance, something Simon the recalcitrant was reluctant to do. Simon had been given a stipend by his Mother and Father who at the time, had volunteered to help save Lithuanian whites from the Jews. But Simon frittered away these funds on Booze, women and opiates. and never got his diploma. This made employment prospects tough and so Simon began operating as a Private Eye. At first he did minor insurance jobs, third party injury claims and burglary and theft. He devoured everything by Hammett and Chandler and metamorphosized miraculously into a wise –cracking. hard- boiled gumshoe. Between 1943 and 1945, Simon became Europe’s premier sleuth and lurked on every street corner where he was often seen lighting cigarettes and peering furtively from underneath his Stetson hat made of human skin. Simon also became quite a ladies man and seduced many of Heinrich Himmler’s mistresses. It was also rumored that he managed to bed none other than Eva Von Braun after she had asked Simon to install a Security system at her Bavarian Chalet. Clearly life was now good for Simon, and the size of his Swiss bank account was more than ample proof. But Simon never forgot about those formative years as a “Generalized” undergraduate who never graduated. The new Europe was beset by many highly qualified Yids who were now enjoying success in a multitude of businesses, and many were only 30 – 60 degree “Set.” Simon took to the bottle and in later accounts, described those years as; “a sad indictment of my once great former self.” But out of the mire, new shoots invariably appear, and Simon withdrew his funds from “Sudo Suisse” and headed for the States. The rest is history and Simon after building his first home, ( picture 1, ) retired peacefully and left everyone else alone.

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